Saying "Yes" to Birth, with Rachel Yellin


This week we had the honor to interview the incredible Rachel Yellin. Rachel is a hypnotherapist, childbirth educator, former doula and creatrix of "Yes to Birth" childbirth education classes. She is a deeply wise soul and transformational leader in the birth community. Her audio program "Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond" is a wonderful addition to any doula's toolkit. In this interview, Rachel talks about how she came to this work, how the mind-body work together during labor and how to shift perspective when special circumstances arise during birth.

Rachel has an affiliate program for birth workers that you can read about here. She is also offering online childbirth education classes, which is a wonderful alternative for parents cannot make an in person class. Her affiliate program extends to her online classes with discounts for your clients. If parents use the code “LIVEONLINE” and they enter your name as the referral source, they will get a $200 discount and you’ll get $50. Find more information here.

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