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What Should I Wear to Births?

Dear Doula,

What should I wear to a birth? I want to look professional but also be comfortable. Are there any brands you like? I tried wearing scrubs but kept getting mistaken for a nurse. Thanks!


What to Wear


Dear What to Wear,

Great question!

I go through phases. I like wearing comfortable blue or black yoga pants. I layer my tops with a sports bra (underwire for 20 hours straight is so uncomfortable to me), a tank top and a couple sweaters. Make sure the tank top is not low cut. We do a lot of bending over and one time I realized my boobs were practically falling out - not super professional! I also have pockets somewhere on me for my phone in case another client is trying to get in touch with me. It's always on vibrate.

Sometimes I wear black scrubs. I’ve yet to see nurses, doctors or midwives in black scrubs so seems safe enough to not get confused with them and scrubs are so comfortable.

I always have a couple changes of clothes in my doula bag. You have no idea when you’ll get drenched with some bodily fluid.

I usually wear a name tag pinned to the upper left of my shirt so people know I’m the doula (it says my name and 'Certified Birth Doula').

I also wear really comfortable shoes - rocker bottoms work for me. MBTs are a great brand, but expensive. Sketchers have some pretty comfortable rocker bottom shoes that are cheaper. Be sure to check with a podiatrist before trying these types of shoes. They can stretch some people’s heels too much. For me they are heaven on my back but did take some getting used to.

Another note on shoes: they never enter my house. All sorts of fluids get on them during births - blood, mucous, amniotic fluid, urine, vomit. They live in my garage. My clothes always go straight to the wash even if I don’t think they are dirty. You have no idea what splashed on you when you weren't looking.


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