The Importance of Prenatal Pelvic Floor Education for Doulas and Parents

Kristin Hauser

We don't talk or learn nearly enough about pelvic floor health - as women or doulas. As birth professionals, we are usually uneducated on how vital pelvic floor education is for our clients. In this interview, Kristin Hauser, a Licensed Acupuncturist, shares her experience as a birth doula, women's health expert and mother. She tells us about her own incredible home birth and how important pelvic floor prep was during her pregnancy. My favorite quote from our talk?

"You have to meet your reality, thats what it comes down to. When you’re struggling and alone in your bedroom with your partner in the middle of the night, the studies don’t really matter.” - Kristin Hauser

Kristin offers Virtual Womb Medicine Mentoring if you are interested in going deeper into this work or want a resource for your clients.

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