Join Liz Farmer And Shannon Padlog for a monthly case study review!


Case study reviews are an incredible way to gain experience as a birth doula. Each month, Liz Farmer and Shannon Padlog will discuss 2-4 client cases with a particular theme. Learning from other doulas' experiences are a wonderful way to gain experience, insights and know how to best serve your clients.

February - Inductions

March - Prodromal Labor

April- Epidurals

May- Stalled Labor

In each case study we will discuss:

- prenatal coaching

- how we decide when to join clients during birth

- specific tools and techniques we use to assist resolving issues in labor

- how we help amplify the voice of our clients (advocacy)

- options we recommend during each situation to our clients

- much more!

Each Case Study course will be released the first Tuesday of the month at 2pm PST. You are welcome to pre-purchase the course and will receive an email reminder when it has been posted.

Your Instructors are Liz Farmer, Founder of The Doula Classroom and Shannon Padlog.

Head over to the course enrollment page for more info.

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