Talking Consent and Obstetric Violence with Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly


In this interview, I chat with Cristen Pascucci about obsetric violence, consent, horizontal/vertical violence in the birth world and much more. Cristen is the founder of Birth Monopoly, U.S. partner with Human Rights in Childbirth, co-creator of the Exposing the Silence Project, and, from 2012 to 2016, vice president of national advocacy organization Improving Birth. She has run an emergency hotline for women facing threats to their legal rights in childbirth, created a viral consumer campaign to “Break the Silence” on trauma and abuse in childbirth, and helped put obstetric violence and the maternity care crisis in national media. Today, she is a leading voice for women giving birth, speaking around the country and consulting privately for consumers and professionals on issues related to birth rights and options. Cristen is also host of the amazing podcast "Birth Allowed Radio," which discuss what women and families are and are not "allowed" to do during their birth. Warning: this podcast and Cristen's work will cause you to laugh, cry and ball your hands up into fists of anger. However, it will also give you a resource to share with your clients when they are mistreated during their birth.

Cristen also runs Birth Monopoly's Doula Power, an online community where doulas support and empower each other to process their own secondary trauma in a healthy way. Visit here to join the group.

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