Hello Amazing Birth Workers!

The Doula Classroom is a site dedicated to teaching the art and craft of birth doula work.

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The Doula Classroom is for you if:

  • You love talking about/learning about/attending births so much you have decided to make an entire career out of it.
  • On several occasions you have gotten sucked into a YouTube birth video vortex where hours felt like minutes.
  • You are deeply passionate about women's/birthing people's rights in healthcare.
  • You want to get more clients and/or more ideal clients.
  • You want to make great money as a birth doula.
  • You want support as you move through the challenging aspects of birth doula work.

The Doula Classroom can help support you during the pains of growing and sustaining a lucrative, soulful doula practice. Being a birth worker is an inspiring and important career - we all deserve to be successful. It is also intense and frustrating - we all deserve to be supported through this journey.

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